Problem with multithreading

MRAB python at
Thu Jun 25 17:57:20 EDT 2009

Jeffrey Barish wrote:

> Lou Pecora wrote:
>> Try putting a flush in after the 2nd print statement in case the output
>> is left in some I/O buffer when the thing terminates.  e.g.
>> import sys
>> ....
>> try:
>>    print 'in try"
>>    sys.stdout.flush()
>>    <do something>
> I was hoping for some suggestions of things to think about, so thanks
> especially to those who had such suggestions.  Believe it or not (and I'm
> having trouble believing it myself), I didn't think to use flush.  When I
> did, I found that, indeed, the program did progress past the try statement. 
> It made it to a call to GStreamer (playbin2), which has been proving itself
> intractable in my experience.  Note that my test program (which works)
> excised GStreamer.  The next step will be to try again to compile the
> latest version of PyGST as the version in Ubuntu 9.04 is one generation
> old.  The last time I tried, the compile failed.  This is the first time in
> days that I have had any hope.

On occasion I've needed to debug a program that's crashing, and I've
found it best to open the log file unbuffered, otherwise I lose the
final log messages. It saves me from having to flush each message

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