Tkinter - non-ASCII characters in text widgets problem

"Martin v. Löwis" martin at
Thu Jun 25 21:01:35 EDT 2009

>>> After applying this, the effect remains the same - one big garbage.
>> Can you please be more specific? What is "one big garbage"?
> There is a square (or some other weird sign)

***PLEASE*** be specific. A square box is something *completely*
different than any other weird sign. It is impossible to understand
the problem if you don't know *exactly* what happens.

 in place where polish
> accented character should be (like "ęłąśł" etc)
> This problem is only on mac os x and it doesn't apply to button widget
> (where characters are correct)

I see. So it is a font problem: if the square box is displayed, it means
that the font just doesn't have a glyph for the character you want to
display. Try using a different font in the label widget.

> There is no wish. I'm talking about build-in Tkinter

So try installing Tk separately.

> (isn't Tk build-in Python?).

Depends on where exactly you got your Python from, and what exactly
is your OSX version. Recent releases of OSX include a copy of Tcl/Tk,
and some sets of Python binaries link against the Apple Tk.


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