ElementTree.XML(string XML) and ElementTree.fromstring(string XML) not working

Stefan Behnel stefan_ml at behnel.de
Fri Jun 26 02:20:15 EDT 2009

Carl Banks wrote:
> On Jun 25, 10:11 pm, Stefan Behnel wrote:
>> Carl Banks wrote:
>>>> Why isn't et.parse the only way to do this? Why have XML or fromstring  
>>>> at all?
>>> Because Fredrick Lundh wanted it that way.  Unlike most Python
>>> libraries ElementTree is under the control of one person, which means
>>> it was not designed or vetted by the community, which means it would
>>> tend to have some interface quirks.
>> Just for the record: Fredrik doesn't actually consider it a design "quirk".
> Well of course he wouldn't--it's his library.

That's not an argument at all. Fredrik put out a alpha of ET 1.3 (long ago,
actually), which is (or was?) meant as a clean-up release for a number of
real quirks in the library (lxml also fixes most of them since 2.0). The
above definitely hasn't changed, simply because it's not considered 'wrong'
by the author(s).


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