"The system cannot execute the specified program."

Tim Slattery Slattery_T at bls.gov
Fri Jun 26 16:14:25 EDT 2009

Duncan Booth <duncan.booth at invalid.invalid> wrote:

>Tim Slattery <Slattery_T at bls.gov> wrote:
>> Our office has a copy of Python 3.0 installed on a network share
>> device. When I try to run it I get this message: "The system cannot
>> execute the specified program."
>> When I googled that message, the links that came up had to do with
>> missing DLLs. So I fired up Dependency Walker and found out that there
>> were indeed DLLs that it needed that the OS couldn't find. So I
>> supplied those DLLs. And it still gives the same message, even though
>> Dependency Walker is now happy.
>> Does anybody have a clue what might cause this amazingly uninformative
>> message?
>Are you using Vista? 

No Vista involved. My machine is XP Pro. The server is some MS server
OS, I'm not sure which one.

>Alternatively for a non-Vista wild guess, could it be that Python 3.0 is 
>loading some libraries that use .Net and is therefore triggering the 'code 
>access security' which prevents the running of .Net applications from a 
>network share?

I saw nothing that remotely resembled that message.

Tim Slattery
Slattery_T at bls.gov

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