alternative to JoinableQueue's please

Raymond Hettinger python at
Fri Jun 26 17:44:16 EDT 2009

[Filipe Fernandes]
> The reasons for using JoinableQueue I think are obvious.  I want to
> block the main processing using queue.join() until the tasks that have
> been placed on the queue have been finished by the worker processes.
> I can't be the only one experiencing this (besides Brian)... are there
> others who ran into this?  Are there work arounds (besides a
> home-brewed one) ?

Before Queue.task_done() and Queue.task_join() were added, other
idioms were used.

One technique is to use a second queue to track incomplete tasks.

# adding work

# doing work
t = q.get()

# waiting for unfinished tasks to complete
while unfinished_tasks.qsize():


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