No trees in the stdlib?

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Sat Jun 27 01:05:56 EDT 2009

On Jun 26, 1:29 am, Tom Reed <tomree... at> wrote:
> Whynotrees in the standard library, if not as a built in? I searched
> the archive but couldn't find a relevant discussion. Seems like a
> glaring omission considering the batteries included philosophy,
> particularly balanced binary search trees.Nointerest,nogood
> implementations, something other reason? Seems like a good fit for the
> collections module. Can anyone shed some light?
> Thanks.
> --
> Tom

I've written a graph library (trees being rooted connected acyclic
called Graphine that you could try. Obviously not a part of the
library, but it (or networkx) will almost certainly do what you're
for. You can find graphine at, or networkx at

Geremy Condra

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