Beginning with Python; the right choice?

Hendrik van Rooyen mail at
Sat Jun 27 03:58:21 EDT 2009

"Terry Reedy" <tjreedy at> wrote:

> I consider Python the Basic of the 21st century.

Oh Dear.

Was it not Dijkstra who said that learning basic
rotted your brain, or words more or less to that effect?

And here I am, feeling rather dull lately...       :-)   

To the OP:   - Learning Python will get you going, and productive
in the sense of actually making programmes that do simple stuff
with files on disk, and so on, faster than anything else I know of.

And the beauty of it is that no matter how far, and in which direction,
you want to go, there is a pythonic way to do it.  So none of your
effort put in to learn some python thing is wasted - you can literally
start small and build up at your own pace.  And when you get stuck,
you can come here or to the tutor list, and you will get friendly help.

- Hendrik

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