Good books in computer science?

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>Nathan Stoddard wrote:
>> The best way to become a good programmer is to program. Write a lot of
>> code; work on some large projects. This will improve your skill more than
>> anything else.
>I think there are about 100 million VB code-monkeys who prove that theory
>Seriously, and without denigrating any specific language, you can program by
>(almost) mindlessly following a fixed number of recipes and patterns. This
>will get the job done, but it won't make you a good programmer.

For programming practice I do the problems of
I'm on the Eulerians page (best performers on 25 last problems).
There is not a single VB programmer in the top 100.
(Lots of Python programmers, C-family, also Haskel, APL, LISP
Algol, Forth, Perl and I repeat not a single VB programmer.)
Currently the top place is a Python programmer.

These programs may be very demanding, minutes on very fast systems.
Bad algorithms take days, weeks or literally forever.
Interestingly the factor 5 between Python and C is irrelevant compared
to a good algorithm, apparently.


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