change the first character of the line to uppercase in a text file

Angus Rodgers twirlip at
Sat Jun 27 07:49:39 EDT 2009

On Sat, 27 Jun 2009 12:13:57 +0100, I wrote:

>Hmm ... the \r\n sequence at the end of a Win/DOS file seems to be
>treated as a single character.

For instance, if test001A.txt is this file:

abc xyz
Bd ef

gH ij

and is this:

f = open('test001A.txt', 'r')
for line in f:
   print repr(line)

then the output from "python > temp.txt" is this:

'abc xyz\n'
'Bd ef\n'
'gH ij\n'

and indeed the output from "print repr(" is this:

'abc xyz\nBd ef\n\ngH ij\n'

How do you actually get to see the raw bytes of a file in Windows?

OK, this seems to work:

f = open('test001A.txt', 'rb')   # Binary mode
print repr(


'abc xyz\r\nBd ef\r\n\r\ngH ij\r\n'

Indeed, when a Windows file is opened for reading in binary mode, 
the length of an "empty" line is returned as 2.  This is starting
to make some sense to me now.

Angus Rodgers

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