Good books in computer science?

Terry Reedy tjreedy at
Sat Jun 27 13:35:16 EDT 2009

> Steven D'Aprano  <steve at> wrote:
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>>> On 2009-06-14 14:04:02 +0100, Steven D'Aprano
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>>> I think I'm paraphrasing Richard Feynman here, but the
>>> only way to truly understand something is to do it.
>> An amazingly inappropriate quote for a *theoretical* physicist to have said.

Who got his start *doing* calculations for the Manhattan (atomic bomb) 
project, and checking them against real results.  Like it or not, they 
'did' it is a big way.

He got his Nobel Prize for finding out how to *do* calculations that 
matched quantum mechanics experiments. (or something like that).

His early bobby was picking locks and cracking safes -- mostly as a way 
to understand them.  It was not enough for him to just read about them.


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