The Python Way for module configuration?

kj at
Sat Jun 27 18:18:37 EDT 2009

In <c91011ad-b52c-4fb7-8e2c-1de165636c79 at> Aaron Sherman <aaronjsherman at> writes:

>On Jun 27, 4:38=A0pm, MRAB <pyt... at> wrote:

>> > I would appreciate your comments and suggestions.
>> There are already modules which provide access to databases.

>As you can see the "Python Way" is to be rude ;-)

>Anyway, your answer is that there are some abstraction layers called
>"ORMs". You can grab one of these and write a back end for it.
>However, you might first want to look at SQLLite and see if it already
>has what you want (e.g. a light-weight, zero-install database

Hi, thanks, but the database aspect of my question is tangential.
What I'm interested in is the general problem of providing
configuration parameters to a module.



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