Good books in computer science?

Bearophile bearophileHUGS at
Sat Jun 27 18:40:59 EDT 2009

Albert van der Horst:
> For programming practice I do the problems of

Time ago I have solved some of them with Python, D and C (some of them
are quite hard for me), I have tried to produce very fast code (like a
D generator for prime numbers that's like 100 times faster of some
'fast' C# prime generators I've seen in that forum).

But then I have stopped because to me they seem a waste of time, they
look too much academic, they don't exercise the right muscles of the
mind. They may be good if you want to become good in performing
numerical number theory, and bad for everyone else.

Seeing how many people like to do those Project Euler puzzles, I
presume my ideas aren't shared by most people.

I am now using some solutions of mine of those problems to spot
"performance bugs" in a new D compiler (and even in ShedSkin), so they
are somewhat useful again :-)


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