Clobbered 2.6 binary under Frameworks.python, reinstall fails

ChollaPete ChollaPete at
Sat Jun 27 20:54:23 EDT 2009

On Jun 27, 5:32 pm, ChollaPete <ChollaP... at> wrote:
> Mac OS  X (Tiger 10.4), running Python 2.6 downloaded from
> as a DMG installer.
> I clobbered the python binary in /Library/Frameworks/Python.frameworks/
> Versions/Current/bin, so I tried to reinstall from the
> 2.6.2 DMG installer.  No joy.  Install fails at the end with no
> helpful diagnostic message.
> So, I deleted everything in /Applications/Python2.6, in /Library/
> Frameworks/Python.frameworks and /usr/local/bin.  The install still
> fails.
> Any help would be appreciated.  I realize that the upgraders often
> aren't intended to be used to repair an existing installation.  My
> thinking now is that I may need to delete existing package receipts or
> plists, but this is just wild speculation.
> Thanks.
> Mark

Well, upon inspection of the various directories, everything seemed to
be there, so I ran the interpreter and it seemed to work.  Evaluated a
simple expression at the >>> prompt, imported a module and ran its
function.  So, I don't know what part of the install failed.  If
anyone can tell me where to find the various scripts that the MPKG
runs, that would help.


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