Beginning with Python; the right choice?

Simon Brunning simon at
Sun Jun 28 05:04:25 EDT 2009

2009/6/27 at < at>:
> Thank you for all of the links and advice.
> What do I want to learn Python for?
> Again, pardon me for my lack of relevant information.  I am also a
> journalist (an out of work one at the moment, like so many others) and
> I feel that learning python could be useful for computer assisted
> reporting, that is, utilizing databases, creating interactive maps and
> the like.

That's a Python site!

As a journalist, you might also be interested in
- The Guardian, a UK national newspaper, quickly wrote and deployed a
Python application to allow their readers to cooperate in the massive
manual task of analysing MPs' expenses receipts, looking for

Simon B.

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