Buffer pair for lexical analysis of raw binary data

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Angus Rodgers  <twirlip at bigfoot.com> wrote:
>Partly as an educational exercise, and partly for its practical
>benefit, I'm trying to pick up a programming project from where
>I left off in 2001.  It implemented in slightly generalised form
>the "buffer pair" scheme for lexical analysis described on pp.
>88--92 of Aho et al., /Compilers: Principles, Techniques and 
>Tools/ (1986). (I'm afraid I don't have a page reference for the
>2007 second edition.  Presumably it's also in Knuth somewhere.)
>  [...]
>Does some Python library already provide some functionality like
>this?  (It's enough to do it with nblocks = 2, as in Aho et al.)

Not AFAIK, but there may well be something in the recipes or PyPI; have
you tried searching them?

>If not, is this a reasonable thing to try to program in Python?

Definitely!  It should be lots easier to program this with Python.
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