pep 8 constants

Eric S. Johansson esj at
Mon Jun 29 01:07:19 EDT 2009

Rhodri James wrote:

> Reject away, but I'm afraid you've still got some work to do to
> convince me that PEP 8 is more work for an SR system than any other
> convention.  

Name  <cap>name
	higher than normal recognition error rate. can require multiple tries or hand

MultiWordName  <cap>mulit<no-space><cap>word<nospace<cap>name
	very high error rate.  many retries or hand hurting typing.

multi_word_name multi<underscore>word<underscore>name
	normal error rate (low), can need multiple tries or hand correction

StdlYCps  <cap>sierra tango delta lima <cap>yankee <cap>charley papa sierra

	*** very high error rate *** search and replace for all instances with a x_y_z
form name is recommended

If, on the other hand you're trying to convince me that
> *no* convention is preferable, I'm going to laugh hollowly.

no, I know the value if convention when editors can't tell you anything about
the name in question.  I would like to see more support for disabled programmers
like myself and the thousands of programmers injured every year and forced to
leave the field.  seriously, there is no money in disability access especially
for programmers.  and forgive me if this comes off sounding like a jerk but if
the collective you don't give a sh** about your fellow programmers, who will?
should all disabled programmers be dumped on the shelf even their brains are
still good and they have guts to try to work in a field that gave them a life
rearranging injury?

please help.  the disability access you help build may save your own job
someday.  Or, what I need to edit code may make your world better as well.

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