pep 8 constants

Tim Chase python.list at
Mon Jun 29 07:25:09 EDT 2009

>> Reject away, but I'm afraid you've still got some work to do to
>> convince me that PEP 8 is more work for an SR system than any other
>> convention.  
> Name  <cap>name
> 	higher than normal recognition error rate. can require multiple tries or hand
> correction
> MultiWordName  <cap>mulit<no-space><cap>word<nospace<cap>name
> 	very high error rate.  many retries or hand hurting typing.
> multi_word_name multi<underscore>word<underscore>name
> 	normal error rate (low), can need multiple tries or hand correction

It sounds like the issue should be one of making your 
screen-reader smarter, not dumbing down Python conventions.  I 
don't know what SR you're using (Jaws?  Window Eyes?  yasr? 
screeder?  speakup?  VoiceOver?)  but it sounds like at least for 
the above cases, along with the PEP-8 MULTI_WORD_NAME constant 
convention, a simple regexp+transformation should be able to 
reprocess the input into something easier to 
handle/hear/understand.  I'm not sure any/all of the 
previously-listed screen-readers give such regexp transformation 
control, but I would expect that at least the OSS ones (yasr, 
screeder, & speakup) it would be possible to add the feature if 
it doesn't already exist.  For these three, you might ping the 
blinux mailing list to see if anybody there knows how to 
implement such transforms.

> StdlYCps  <cap>sierra tango delta lima <cap>yankee <cap>charley papa sierra
> 	*** very high error rate *** search and replace for all instances with a x_y_z
> form name is recommended

As for StuDlyCaps, it's hard on the seeing too, so I advocate a 
firm smack on the back of the head for those that prefer this 
abomination. :-)


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