Advantages of Python (for web/desktop apps)?

Michael Torrie torriem at
Mon Jun 29 16:33:16 EDT 2009

iceangel89 wrote:
> i am mainly a PHP (mainly using Zend Framework MVC now) Web Developer. used
> .NET (VB & C#) for Desktop apps. i nv used Python and am looking at Python
> now (for desktop apps since its open source and just want to try what it
> offers, but will like to know what good it has for web development also)

Give it a try.  wxPython or PyQt is preferred for GUI development in
general on win32.  PyGTK also works on win32 but maybe isn't as
nice-looking as the first two options (although the API is much more
pythonic by some accounts).

The Idle IDE may get you started.  When you've profiled your program and
found where the common cases are slow, then you can work on optimization
substitution pure python routines with native ones written in C, C++, etc

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