Using Python for file packing

MRAB python at
Mon Jun 29 18:18:30 EDT 2009

Scott David Daniels wrote:
> Aaron Scott wrote:
>>> Do you mean like a zip or tar file?
>> I had no idea you could access a single file from a ZIP or TAR without
>> explicitly extracting it somewhere. Thanks.
> You will find the zip format works better if you are compressing.  The
> zipfile compression is per file in the archive, rather than applied to
> the entire archive (as in tarfile).  The results of the tar format
> decision is that extracting the last file in a .tgz (.tar.gz) or
> .tar.bz2 (sometimes called .tbz) requires the expansion of the entire
> archive, while extraction on a .zip is reposition, read, and possibly
> expand.
If the audio is already compressed then a zipfile probably won't be able
to compress it any more.

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