pep 8 constants

Tim Chase python.list at
Tue Jun 30 06:00:18 EDT 2009

Eric S. Johansson wrote:
> Tim Chase wrote:
>  It sounds like the issue should be one of making your screen-reader
>> smarter, not dumbing down Python conventions.  I don't know what SR
>> you're using (Jaws?  Window Eyes?  yasr? screeder?  speakup? 
> Naturally speaking is speech recognition (speech in text out)  it is not text to
> speech although it does have a pluging for that

Sorry...I didn't catch that you were using speech-recognition 
(SR) instead of text-to-speech (TTS).  I didn't see it mentioned 
in another thread-branch after I had posted.

While I have used SR in some testing, I've found that while it's 
passable for prose (and even that, proclamations of "95% 
accuracy" sound good until you realize how many words comprise 5% 
  of your daily typing :), it's not so good for code unless you 
have a very specific programming-language+SR designed editing you've been griping.  However, the problem seems 
not to be PEP-8, but rather the inabilities of your SR combined 
with the failings of your editor.

For coding, you might want to investigate a tool like Dasher[1] 
which offers an alternate form of input.  It allows for custom 
vocabularies/keymaps if you need, as well as more precise 
specification of a full keyboard (caps vs. mixed-case, specific 
punctuation characters, etc).  The predictive entry should be 
smart enough to pick up previously entered constants/terms saving 
you entry speed.  It can also be driven by a wide variety of 
pointing devices (mouse, trackball, touchpad, head-tracker, 
gyro-input, etc).

You might also experiment with other editors that allow for more 
efficient editing.

Hope these give you another option to consider, if SR plus your 
current editor aren't cutting it for you,



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