Passing parameters for a C program in Linux.

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Tue Jun 30 10:52:10 EDT 2009

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> Hi all,
>        I have to write an automted script which will test my c
> program. That program when run will ask for the commands. For example:
> local-host# ./cli
> Enter 1 for add
> Enter 2 for sub
> Enter 3 for mul
> 1            -------Our option
> Enter two numbers
> 44 33  -------- Our option
> Result is 77
> As shown in the above example it lists all the options and waits for
> user input and once given, it does some operations and waits for some
> more. This has to be automated.
> Can someone give suggestions how to do this in Python (Linux Platform
> in particular).
> Thank you,
> Venu.

The easiest (and ugliest) way to do this would probably be to write a
file input.txt and a file output.txt with each input/output value, and
then to do this on the command prompt:
./a.out < input.txt | diff output.txt -

this will run a.out (assuming that's your program's name), feed in
input.txt as input, and pipe that into diff to compute the differences
between its output and output.txt

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