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Sun Mar 1 04:02:38 CET 2009

J wrote:
> Is it possible to make a GUI email program in Python that stores
> emails, composes, ect? Also, could I create my own programming
> language in Python? What are Pythons limits, or is this just a waste
> of my time to learn it.

Python is "Turing complete," which means it is a general-purpose 
programming language.  Generally speaking, this means you can do 
anything with it that you can do with any other programming language.  
Being a higher-level language, Python is often chosen over other 
languages because it is faster to do many things in Python.

You could also create another programming language with Python.  In 
fact, another general-purpose programming language (C) was used to 
create Python.

Python makes many things easy.  For many tasks, Python saves you a lot 
of time.  It is a good general-purpose tool to know how to use well.  It 
is a good beginner's language, as it makes many of the annoying things 
about programs non-issues.

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