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Sun Mar 1 10:45:54 CET 2009

On Mar 1, 2:28 pm, Nigel Rantor <wig... at> wrote:
> bruce wrote:
> > Hi.
> > Got a bit of a question/issue that I'm trying to resolve. I'm asking
> > this of a few groups so bear with me.
> > I'm considering a situation where I have multiple processes running,
> > and each process is going to access a number of files in a dir. Each
> > process accesses a unique group of files, and then writes the group
> > of files to another dir. I can easily handle this by using a form of
> > locking, where I have the processes lock/read a file and only access
> > the group of files in the dir based on the  open/free status of the
> > lockfile.
> > However, the issue with the approach is that it's somewhat
> > synchronous. I'm looking for something that might be more
> > asynchronous/parallel, in that I'd like to have multiple processes
> > each access a unique group of files from the given dir as fast as
> > possible.
> I don't see how this is synchronous if you have a lock per file. Perhaps
> you've missed something out of your description of your problem.
> > So.. Any thoughts/pointers/comments would be greatly appreciated. Any
> >  pointers to academic research, etc.. would be useful.
> I'm not sure you need academic papers here.
> One trivial solution to this problem is to have a single process
> determine the complete set of files that require processing then fork
> off children, each with a different set of files to process.
> The parent then just waits for them to finish and does any
> post-processing required.
> A more concrete problem statement may of course change the solution...
>    n

Using twisted might also be helpful.
Then you can avoid the problems associated with threading too.

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