cannot execute binary file (Python 3.0.1)

cf29 charly.founes at
Sun Mar 1 11:34:08 CET 2009

On Mar 1, 12:52 pm, Ned Deily <n... at> wrote:
> It appears you are trying to run a python script by double-clicking on
> it and that Python is the default application associated
> with .py files.  The default setting in Python Launcher is to use the
> python linked to /use/local/bin/pythonw.  By default, the OS X 3.0.1
> installer does not install or modify the links in /usr/local/bin/,
> unlike 2.x installers.  That is a problem for Python Launcher.  Here are
> a few options, assuming you used the 3.0.1 installer:
> 1. You can start up the installer again, choose Customize, and then
> select and install the "UNIX command-line tools" package.  
> /usr/local/bin/pythonw will now point out at python 3.0.1 rather than
> python 2.6.
> --
>  Ned Deily,
>  n... at

Thank you Ned! The 1. did the trick.
Actually I was using the open menu of Python Launcher to open my
files. And now it works fine.
Usually I use to run python scripts from BBEdit itself and this is now
working as expected.
What a great place to find answers! Thanks again.

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