Performance of Python 3

Stefan Behnel stefan_ml at
Sun Mar 1 20:24:07 CET 2009

Isaac Gouy wrote:
> On Mar 1, 8:10 am, Stefan Behnel wrote:
>> As long as that gives you improvements of
>> 100-1000 times almost for free, I wouldn't bother too much with changing
>> the platform just because someone shows me benchmark results of some code
>> that I absolutely don't need in my daily work.
> What examples do you have of 1000x improvement?

We hear that from time to time on the Cython mailing list. Here's a recent
example of a user who reported an 80 times speed-up before we helped in
getting the code straight, which brought another factor of 20.

Speed-ups in the order of several hundred times are not uncommon for
computing intensive tasks and large data sets when you move from Python to
Cython, as it generates very optimised C code.


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