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Paul McGuire ptmcg at
Mon Mar 2 07:23:42 CET 2009

On Feb 28, 7:56 pm, J <seaworthyjer... at> wrote:
> Is it possible to make a GUI email program in Python that stores
> emails, composes, ect? Also, could I create my own programming
> language in Python? What are Pythons limits, or is this just a waste
> of my time to learn it.

This "waste of my time" phrase is a telling one - I guess your age to
be in the 12-15 range.  I would suggest that you are not necessarily
in the best position to know what is or is not a waste of your time to

Imagine you are a baby and want to grow up to be a runner.  Is it a
waste of time to learn to crawl, and then to walk?  Is it a waste of
time to learn human nutrition, fitness, hydration?  Is it a waste of
time to learn the discipline of diet and practice?

Is it a waste of time to learn something that may not pertain to your
personal occupational goal, but may make you a more interesting, or
philosophical, or thoughtful, or creative person?

I'm not sure that we are the best judges as to whether Python is a
waste of your time to learn.  In general, I would say it is not a
waste of *anyone's* time to learn Python, but a lot depends on whether
the student is actually inspired by some inner curiosity and
creativity.  If Python instruction is simply being shoved down their
throat, then yes, it probably is a waste of their time, and their
instructor's, and their fellow students' who may be more motivated to
actually learn the subject.

As to your question of whether Python can be used to write an e-mail
client, or to create a programming language, I assure you both are
possible.  But also, given your unfamiliarity with Python, both are
well beyond your skills for some time yet, and you are nowhere near
reaching any of Python's limits any time soon.  You will have to spend
a lot of time learning and practicing a number of design and
development skills before you reach that point.  Whether that is a
"waste" of time or not is up to you.

-- Paul

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