OTish: convince the team to drop VBScript

jkn jkn_gg at nicorp.f9.co.uk
Mon Mar 2 11:37:59 CET 2009

On Feb 28, 8:19 pm, rdmur... at bitdance.com wrote:
> IMO the first thing you ought to do is dig in, really listen, and find
> out what his issue is with module distribution.
> Listening well is your most powerful asset.  Overcome your own prejudices
> first, and his may follow :)

I agree with this. Find out what troubles him ... leave aside for now
whether it's a true, or false, picture of reality as you understand

This then leads to you painting a picture for him:

"So ... if I could demonstrate for you a way in which Python [X Y
Z ...], how would that be for you?"

Keep refining this until his answer (in words or otherwise) is
"Fantastic, great, super!".

Find out what will allow him to buy into it for himself, and then
build/demonstrate that.


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