OT: handling multiple software repositories

Ferran.Jorba at gmail.com Ferran.Jorba at gmail.com
Mon Mar 2 22:25:50 CET 2009

We are happy users of DrProject 1.2 with SQLite and scgi.  It works
very well for our purposes, not exactly software development, but just
for tracking our tasks and documentation, several projects, single
login, different roles for each users, clean urls.

The only trouble I have with it is that I understand that the last
official stable release is this 1.2 (or 1.2.1, according to the
Subversion tags), and then there is some confusing movements with a
2.0-dev, an 3.0-dev and this Django rewrite called Basie.  We don't
know exactly which will be our migration path, but we hope we can
follow them.


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