Python parser

Clarendon jineu21 at
Mon Mar 2 23:14:54 CET 2009

Thank you, Lie and Andrew for your help.

I have studied NLTK quite closely but its parsers seem to be only for
demo. It has a very limited grammar set, and even a parser that is
supposed to be "large" does not have enough grammar to cover common
words like "I".

I need to parse a large amount of texts collected from the web (around
a couple hundred sentences at a time) very quickly, so I need a parser
with a broad scope of grammar, enough to cover all these texts. This
is what I mean by 'random'.

An advanced programmer has advised me that Python is rather slow in
processing large data, and so there are not many parsers written in
Python. He recommends that I use Jython to use parsers written in
Java. What are your views about this?

Thank you very much.

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