Python 3D CAD -- need collaborators, or just brave souls :)

dazaster59 at dazaster59 at
Tue Mar 3 19:19:15 CET 2009

I am interested in the possibilities of a CAD system built on top of a
computer algebra system. I would be willing to contribute
implementations of your "entities" (and associated transforms) using
sympy, using the current 2d geometry module as a starting point. For
adequate performance it would soon need to be ported to sympy-core or
another CAS.

I'm interested in this because I like:
- the accuracy that is possible with algebraic expressions even after
cumulative transforms (eg. rotations)
- the potential for elegant, generic implementations of geometric
operations (eg. finding intersections)
- the possibilities for analysing cumulative tolerancing effects
- the benefits for simulation and analysis of physics problems (eg.
optical systems)

What do you think?

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