Chandler, Python, speed

Alan G Isaac aisaac at
Wed Mar 4 01:02:53 CET 2009

> On Mar 2, 1:11 am, Paul Rubin wrote:
>> Mitch Kapor (of Lotus 1-2-3 fame) spent a lot of money hiring 
>> very sharp Python programmers to write an email client called 
>> Chandler, but from what I understand, progress so far has been 
>> disappointing, at least in part for performance reasons. 

Paul McGuire wrote:
> Yipes, have you read the book ("Dreaming in Code")?  
> Chandler's problems were much more organizational than 
> technical.

This discussion makes me curious about a couple things.

1. It is hard to see how Python could make a "slow"
email client.  Is that the actual claim?  Where is the
demand for computational speed coming from?

2. This is especially true for IMAP, where it seems any
computationally intensive work (e.g., sorting very large
mailboxes) will be done on the server.

3. Chandler is not really an email client.  So specifically,
which of its functionalities is it slow, and what evidence
if any is there that Python is causing this?

Alan Isaac

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