Help required to read and print lines based on the type of first character

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> I am a beginner in Python. In fact, beginner to coding/ scripting.
> Here is a scenario, I need to code. Need your help on this:
> A script that
> 1.      Reads from a file (may be a local file say test.txt)
> 2.      And, if the line begins with a "#", should print the line one  
> time
> 3.      if the line has "##", should print the line 2 times,
> 4.      And, if there are "###" in the beginning of the line, should  
> print the same line 3times,
> 5.      And, if the line contains "####" or more "#"'s, then print as  
> "an invalid line"
> 6.      if the line contains no "#" then print "looks like a code line"
> For this as far the info I could understand,
> -       We need to use open('TextFile.txt') function
> -       Need to start a While loop/ For in loop
> -       By some means individually read every single line and check for  
> the above conditions

Start following the tutorial at

You'll see it menctions a few ways to process a file; the cleanest  
alternative to do it one line at a time is:
	for line in some_file:
	    # do something with line

The interactive interpreter is great to experiment:

py> x = "some text"
py> x.startswith("#")
py> y = "## another text"
py> y.startswith("#")

Gabriel Genellina

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