Python and Windows Services Question

Tim Golden mail at
Wed Mar 4 12:48:54 CET 2009

Phoe6 wrote:
> This is a windows services question. The following script which is a
> windows service was supposed to something ( download wallpaper and set
> the desktopwallpaper) at 16:45 my time here. The service is running,
> but the supposed action did not take place. Does anyone who is aware
> of win32 apis point me what I am doing wrong here:
> I don't know much about Win32 Services. So I took the example snippet
> from Mark Hammond's book on Python Windows programming.

Just a quickie without looking at the code in any detail:
as a rule, Services can't interact with the desktop and
may not be running as any particular user. (Any desktop
user, in any case). While it *is* possible to enable that
interaction (altho' harder and harder as in Vista & W7)
this program is probably a good candidate for something
running silently under the logged-in user. (If you're
leaving your machine on in any case for this to run,
you might as well leave yourself logged in and screen-locked).


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