Anyone read "Python Interview Questions: Python Certification Review"?

Paul Sammy paul.sammy at
Wed Mar 4 12:49:33 CET 2009

On a recent trawl of the internet for some Python books, I came across "Python
Interview Questions: Python Certification Review" by ITCOOKBOOK.COM

Has anyone used this, or even one of the related books?  I can find NO
reviews of any of these books online, and the page on the Java version of
the book has factual errors (the blurb talks about operator overloading and
pointers, neither of which Java has).

Furthermore the ITCOOKBOOK homepage appears to selling some sort of "20-step
plan" which leads to suspiciously large amounts of money - after paying them
money of course (

Anyway, thought I would run this past you guys in case I'm being unduly
suspicious or cautious.

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