Anyone read "Python Interview Questions: Python Certification Review"?

Tim Chase python.list at
Wed Mar 4 14:45:33 CET 2009

> On a recent trawl of the internet for some Python books, I came across "Python
> Interview Questions: Python Certification Review" by ITCOOKBOOK.COM
> Has anyone used this, or even one of the related books?  

While I can't say I've read the book, if you're interested in 
Python interview questions, there was a thread on it here on 
c.l.p[1] where I posted a sampling of the questions from which I 
draw when interviewing a person that says they "know python".  It 
helps me discern what they mean on the scale of "I wrote Hello 
World in Python" programmers to "I'm Guido/Alex" (as noted in my 
follow-up post in that thread).

Hope it helps you, even if it doesn't address your primary 
request for "has anybody read/reviewed this book".

It does seem that this text is available on Amazon[2] and has a 
little more detail than the page you linked to, even if it 
doesn't have any reviews.




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