Problem with py2exe conversion.

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>> >             I am facing an interesting problem with py2exe conversion.
>> > I've a python script which uses the shutil libarary. When I convert
>> > that python script into exe, it creates a dist folder and then in that
>> > it places the exe. Along with the exe it also places a zip folder
>> > containing pre compiled python scripts( have two
>> > Win2003 machines.On one machine when I genreate the exe that zip file
>> > also contains this shutil.pyc, but when I build the same python script
>> > on the second machine, that shutli.pyc is missing in that zip file as
>> > a result fo which I am unable to use that library on the second
>> > machine. When I use it, it throws an error:
>> > ImportError: No module named shutil
>> > Can some one please suggest me a solution for this.
>> Are you sure it's the same script? The same The same py2exe  
>> version? Aren't you sharing the same directory for several projects?
> Thanks for the reply.. 1. It is the same script. Moreover even if the
> scripts change, if my script uses that module, shouldn't it be there
> in that zip. 2. I've used the same installer on the second machine
> too. 3. No, am not sharing the directory.

No idea then, apart from a bug in py2exe. I'd delete the dist and build  
directories before regenerating the .exe, just to be sure.

Gabriel Genellina

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