Question about binary file reading

Benjamin Peterson benjamin at
Thu Mar 5 05:13:02 CET 2009

John Machin <sjmachin <at>> writes:
> On Mar 5, 12:13 pm, Benjamin Peterson <benja... at> wrote:
> >
> > import binascii
> > print binascii.hexlify(some_bytes)
> AFAICT binascii.hexlify(some_bytes) gives the SAME result as
> some_bytes.encode("hex") for much more typing -- I see no
> "better"
> here.

So called encodings like "hex" and "rot13" are abuse of
encode() method. encode() should translate
between byte strings and unicode, not preform
transformations like that. This has been removed
in 3.x, so you should use binascii.

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