problem with pydoc under python 2.6.1

steve.ferg.bitbucket at steve.ferg.bitbucket at
Thu Mar 5 12:29:31 CET 2009

Has anybody encountered problems running pydoc with version 2.6.1?
I'm getting an error message that pydoc cannot import namedtuple
(details below).
(I'm running under 64-bit Windows Vista, although that probably is not

Here's my batch file, pydoc_test.bat:
 @echo on
 set pyver=python25
 python c:\%pyver%\Lib\ -w easygui

 set pyver=python26
 python c:\%pyver%\Lib\ -w easygui

Here's what I get:

 c:\pydev\easygui\v086>set pyver=python25

 c:\pydev\easygui\v086>python c:\python25\Lib\ -w easygui
 wrote easygui.html

 c:\pydev\easygui\v086>set pyver=python26

 c:\pydev\easygui\v086>python c:\python26\Lib\ -w easygui
 Traceback (most recent call last):
   File "c:\python26\Lib\", line 55, in <module>
     import sys, imp, os, re, types, inspect, __builtin__, pkgutil
   File "c:\python26\Lib\", line 42, in <module>
     from collections import namedtuple
 ImportError: cannot import name namedtuple

-- Steve Ferg

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