Question about binary file reading

vibgyorbits bkajey at
Thu Mar 5 16:27:28 CET 2009

On Mar 5, 9:24 am, Marco Mariani <ma... at> wrote:
> vibgyorbits wrote:
> > l=map(lambda x: '%02x' %ord(x),d)
> > s=string.join(l,sep='')
> > PS#. Endedup learning little bit of Lambda functions. :-)
> That's so 2007...
> The 2.5-esque way to write that is
> s = ''.join('%02x' % ord(x) for x in d)

Yes..:-) I totally agree..still learning some new stuff. SOme of you
folks are really good.
thanks again.. Although, next step would be to really get into the
algorithm complexity ,but right now
let me finish my tool & then dig into finer details.

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