Python3 on the Web

Christian Heimes lists at
Thu Mar 5 19:08:12 CET 2009

Johannes Permoser wrote:
> But what's the way to bring python3 to the Web?
> mod_python isn't available, cgi is said to be slow, mod_wsgi looks
> complicated...

WSGI is the right way to go. It's *the* Python standard for web
application interfaces. You don't need mod_wsgi and Apache to run a WSGI
based application. In facts it's much easier to use some of the smaller
WSGI servers for development. I recommend against mod_python for a new

CherryPy ( might be interesting for you. It lets
you write a small application in a few minutes but it's powerful enough
to serve large applications, too.

Viel Erfolg!

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