Windows install to custom location after building from source

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> I have succeeded in building Python 2.6.1 from source under Windows XP
> by running Visual C++ 2008 Express on the PCbuild/pcbuild.sln file
> both from the Visual C++ application as well as from the commandline
> [...]
> I would like to move this Python installation in a clean manner over
> to another location outside the unpackaged source directory (e.g. from
> C:\Python-2.6.1 to C:\custom_path\python). Is there already some
> automatic command that can perform this? If not, which files do I move
> where and what should the structure be? How do ensure all the Python
> code related to the install is byte-compiled and ready for use?

Create an installer (pythonXXX.msi) and use it to install wherever you  
want. See Tools\msi in the source tree.

If you built using VS2008 Express Edition, probably don't have cabarc.exe  
- download it from and make  
sure the bin directory is in your PATH before running

Gabriel Genellina

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