Windows install to custom location after building from source

dan.erik.petersen at dan.erik.petersen at
Fri Mar 6 12:50:22 CET 2009

On Mar 6, 11:21 am, Christian Heimes <li... at> wrote:
> dan.erik.peter... at schrieb:
> > I suppose that what I am looking for is the Windows version of "make
> > install" as we know it after running configure with --
> > prefix=custom_location --exec-prefix=custom_location flags and make on
> > the Linux platform.
> The Windows build system doesn't have anything related to "make
> install". You have to assemble a distribution yourself or you have to
> create a MSI package. See Tools/msi/
> Christian

Thanks guys -

Looks like I'll have to settle on building a distribution myself, as a
solution based on MSI isn't in the cards ... so far, so good.


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