Python 3D CAD -- need collaborators, or just brave souls :)

Wesley Brooks wesbrooks at
Fri Mar 6 13:27:01 CET 2009

Greetings All,

I've been watching this thread since it kicked off with interest.

I'd be interested in being kept in the loop with the development of this
project as I have made some very simple CAD like tools for Layer
Manufacturing (also known as Rapid Prototyping) machines in the past and
would be interested in working on plug-ins to provide output from the CAD
software direct to these machines. I also have contacts who may be
interested in doing a similar thing for CNC cutting path generation.

While this (at least my contribution) won't have a huge market it would be
quite a marketing point to be able to go straight through from concept
design through to real functional parts. And might at a later date be a
feature to get a larger company interested in using the software in house.

While I appreciate it is early days I would suggest the following gets
consideration from the outset:

Inclusion of the ability to handle plug-ins, so for example connections to
existing version control and CFD packages can be managed.
Links to a standard version control system from the box (perhaps
VNC style remote control of other seats of the same software so parts can be
discussed with ease over the phone etc.
Facility to attach annotations and notes to either the part of features on
the part.
Parametric design features such as hole size etc can be changed at any time.
Possible later inclusion of databases of standard size components such as
gears, bearings.... At some point perhaps it would be possible for wizzard
like features to set up tolerances for shaft holes, press-fits for bearings



2009/3/5 jelle feringa <jelleferinga at>

> Hi Josh,
> > However, I'm
> > not entirely clear on the license for this so that might be an issue.
> We're using a French license for the moment, but will move to something
> more
> standard soon. PythonOCC ( the current SVN version ) wraps 85% of the
> OpenCASCADE kernel. Consider that complete, since there are a bunch of
> modules are obsolete ( WOK, drawing ).
> (Binaries are supplied for win32, linux & osx.)
> We're starting to work on a high level API, so this is a wonderful moment
> to
> jump on.
> -jelle
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