ANN: Dao, the official 1.0 version is released

Limin Fu phoolimin at
Fri Mar 6 18:57:56 CET 2009


This is to announce the first official release of Dao.

Dao is a simple yet powerful object-oriented programming language with
many advanced features including, soft (or optional) typing, BNF-like
macro system, regular expression, multi-dimensional numeric array,
closure, coroutine, asynchronous function call for concurrent
programming etc.  Dao provides a rich set of standard data types,
methods and libraries.  Dao is implemented as a light and efficient
virtual machine with very transparent C programming interfaces, which
make it easy to extend Dao with C/C++ or embed Dao into C/C++

There have been a lot of improvements since the last release
including: a lot of bug fixing and some broken feature fixing; several
large implementation changes to improve the structure and clarity of
the codes; and some implementation of new features.  For the details,
please have a look at:

Besides the improvements to the language and its implementation, the
modules, tools, documentations and website associated with this
language have also been improved greatly.  The documentations are more
complete than before, and are prepared in nice formats for easy
referencing.  A number of demos are also included in the release,
including some programs for the The Computer Language Benchmarks Game,
which can be tried out just for fun.

One automatic tool (tools/autobind.dao) was developed using Dao
itself, and was used to create most of the released Dao extending
modules, by generating wrappers directly from the header files of the
corresponding C/C++ libraries.  This tool could also be used to wrap
other C/C++ library as necessary.

A new website that was developed using Dao itself too, has been setup
at, and is going to be the new official website
of Dao.  This new website will be established as a serious platform to
promote the spreading of Dao and to grow a community of its users.

Document: http//
Download: http//
Forum: http//

Have fun.


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