ANN: Dao, the official 1.0 version is released

Limin Fu phoolimin at
Fri Mar 6 20:27:55 CET 2009

Honest to say, there is no solid connection between Dao and Python.
It's just that I had received some good suggestions and comments from
these groups when I made a few previous announcements in these groups.
So I guessed somebody might be interested in Dao, and thought it might
be a good idea to announce it here again.

Nevertheless, Python is one of the few languages from which Dao tried
to learn something. I have paid a lot of my attention to Python during
the development of Dao. Once a time I even created a module trying to
allow calling Python functions and using python objects in Dao
scripts, it was a long time ago, probably even before this language is
named as Dao. Unfortunately I hadn't time to continue to develop that

To Tim Greer and others:

Some people may think this kind of announcement are off topic in a
group for another language. This is not exactly true. This is still
about programming, there are so many programmers out there, who knows
if there would be somebody interested in a new language. This
announcement does not mean to threaten any language, I don't even
think it is somewhere close to that. So take it easy.

On 3月6日, 下午7时13分, s... at wrote:
>     Limin> This is to announce the first official release of Dao.
> What's the connection to Python?
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