ANN: Dao, the official 1.0 version is released

Tim Greer tim at
Fri Mar 6 20:37:38 CET 2009

Limin Fu wrote:

> To Tim Greer and others:
> Some people may think this kind of announcement are off topic in a
> group for another language. This is not exactly true. This is still
> about programming, there are so many programmers out there, who knows
> if there would be somebody interested in a new language. This
> announcement does not mean to threaten any language, I don't even
> think it is somewhere close to that. So take it easy.

I don't see it as a threat at all (I'm not sure how you read that from
what I said), and I honestly don't care that much, but it seems pretty
odd to post about a completely different language in groups that have
no relation.  Imagine people posting announcements about languages,
modules, extensions, etc in other language groups as they happened,
we'd see 1/2 the group's posts containing that sort of information.

You posted in the Python, Perl and Ruby groups, and it just seemed (was)
inappropriate and not a good way to get people interested (it can be a
turn off to see what could be considered spam).  Just because it's
another language doesn't make it on topic.  There are over a hundred of
them out there, and even more derivatives and it's just not usually
appreciated (though I don't pretend to speak for anyone else, but it's
a pretty accurate observation).

I don't assume ill intent by you, but it was questionable about why.
Anyway, it's not a knock on the language, I just don't think the Perl,
Ruby or Python groups are relevant (but maybe some people will find it
interesting and be glad you did -- of course, that could be said of any
post about anything).
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