python image - ignore values in resize

Travis Kirstine traviskirstine at
Fri Mar 6 22:34:53 CET 2009

I have be attempting to resize (downsample) a RGB image using the
python image library resize function.  Everything works fine but I
would like to exclude black values 0,0,0 from the calculations.  I
have tried creating a alpha mask based on black values then performing
the resize but that only create partially transparent tiles in the
regions that had black values

im ='src.tif')
multi = im.split
mask = im.point(lambda i: i == 0 and 255)    # get 0 values
mask = mask.convert('L')
mask = ImageChops.invert(mask)  # make the 0  values 255 for transparency
out_im = Image.merge('RGBA', (multi[0], multi[1], multi[2], mask))
out_im = out_im.resize((100, 100), Image.ANTIALIAS)
out_im = out_im.convert('RGB')'dst.tif')

Any help would be great

Travis K.

Toronto, Canada
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