ANN: Dao, the official 1.0 version is released

Limin Fu phoolimin at
Fri Mar 6 23:26:57 CET 2009

> i agree it's not clear how this is related to python (although i can see
> the influence), but it does look like a nice language.


> one thing i was surprised to find missing was that the discussion of types
> doesn't include classes (the discussion of macros doesn't include types,

Actually the documentation about types does not mean to explain the
types in a systematic way. It just tries to explain how to practically
use them implicitly and explicitly, and to point out where one should
pay attention. Classes surely should be discussed, but it didn't come
into my mind when I prepared the documentation. It will be discussed
when I update the document.

> but that is more understandable).  i am wondering if you have hidden
> problems related to co and contra variance of types (like in java
> generics).

I have paid attention to the variance of types in some situations, but
I am not very sure if it is without problems. Until now, I still feel
there are still many things to be improved in the typing system. It
would not be surprising if there are hidden problems regarding this.

> also, why is "@" needed as well as yield?  in python, the presence of
> yield makes "@" implicit (i think).

You are right. I will change this. Thank you for pointing out this.

I am glad that, every time I announced the language in the python
mailing list, I received good comments and suggestions more often than
in other mailing lists and groups, that's why python mailing list is
one of the first places coming into my mind when I plan for an
announcement of Dao;)

> andrew
> Limin Fu wrote:
> > Hi,
> > This is to announce the first official release of Dao.

Limin Fu

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