ANN: Dao, the official 1.0 version is released

Daniel Fetchinson fetchinson at
Sat Mar 7 04:07:18 CET 2009

>>>> This is to announce the first official release of Dao.
>>>> Dao is a simple yet powerful object-oriented programming language
>>> So, you pimp your language in news groups for other languages?  I see
>>> your off topic post in 3 language groups I frequent, that's not the way
>>> to get interest in your language.
>> Why this hostility?
> Why your hostility to people asking questions and making comments and
> statements in response to a boilerplate announcement?
>> The guy has worked on an interesting piece of
>> software and tries to promote it to people who are most probably
>> interested in programming languages. What's wrong with that?
> There are probably a hundred other 'interesting pieces of software' that
> could be announced here.

There are tons of 'interesting pieces of software' that are actually
announced here. And there is nothing wrong with that.

>  What the OP make no attempt to do was craft a
> post actually directed to this particular group.  Something like 'It has
> the following influences from Python...' or 'Here is how it compares to
> Python...'.  Either would have made it a communication rather than a
> blind broadcast.

A blind broadcast serves a purpose, namely if someone knows nothing
about this language, he/she will get to know that it exists. This is a
useful purpose especially because the probability that people wish to
know about the existence of the OP's new language is quite high (I
suppose) among c.l.p readers. For example they can go to the website
and see how it was influenced by python or how it compares to it.

>  > Some
>> people occasionally ask general computer/linux/IT/etc questions simply
>> because they think that the probability of finding somebody among
>> python list followers who knows the answer (and is willing to share
>> his/her knowledge) is high and since the topic is
>> computer/linux/IT/etc it's not super far from things which are
>> explicitly on topic.
> Mostly those are people who have posted Python questions and comments
> before and otherwise are people planning to implement the answer in
> Python.
>> No need for any hatred or hostility towards people who write a new
>> programming language,
> I did not see any such thing.  The mild hostility was directed at the
> act of blind spamming, which we have had more than enough of.

Well, there are lots of OT postings but in my estimation those that
mention another language generate more hostility than those that
don't. I don't see any reason for this increased hostility relative to
other OT postings, hence I made my remark.


Psss, psss, put it down! -

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