Eclipse And PyDev

Fabio Zadrozny fabiofz at
Sat Mar 7 16:15:26 CET 2009

> I realize this question may not belong here but I am going to ask anyway to
> the current users of Eclipse and PyDev.  It's regarding the auto-complete
> feature.  Say you want to type "sys.path.append('yada yada yada')", using
> say Komodo or IDLE.  When you get to "sys.path.ap" and type a "(", it will
> complete the .append.  Is there a setting somewhere in Eclipse where I can
> do that too.  Currently if I type "sys.path.ap", it ends up as being
> "sys.path.ap(".  Any ideas?  I know I am seriously nitpicking, but I am
> spoiled by other editors and I really like Eclipse so far after giving it a
> second shot with PyDev.

You have to use ctrl+space to request completions (you can also select
that pydev gets the completions while you're typing without having to
request it.... to use that mode, select "Autocomplete on all letters"
in windows > preferences > pydev > editor > code completion)



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